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Yahoo! Rock Climbing Groups

Posted in Online Advertising by robfrot on September 23, 2009

I recently discovered there are many rock climbing groups on Yahoo! Groups – a selection are here: where you can discuss climbing with like-minded people.  I used to use these groups to organise events myself and they are really useful.  I’m not sure how many people in the UK use Yahoo! any more though as they have been in decline recently.

Yahoo! today announced a worldwide advertising campaign to coincide with the launch of its new home page. According to Elisa Steele, Yahoo’s chief marketing officer, they hope to be the website where an individual’s world meets the larger World. According to some sources, Yahoo is the most popular website in The World, but this does not seem to be borne out in the United Kingdom where I don’t think I know of anybody who actually uses Yahoo, and the platform is certainly less popular for Pay Per Click advertising.  At AdStorm Advertising Agency we manage Pay Per Click Advertising on Google, Yahoo and Facebook among other sites and the volume of traffic available to advertise against – as well as, in our judgement, the quality of the traffic gained – is lower on Yahoo! than on Google. The only saving grace is that the volume of traffic is so low that many advertisers overlook Yahoo! altogether, reducing the competition for keywords and providing better value for money in some instances.

In a key aspect of Yahoo!’s new website, it has opened up its home page to rivals such as Facebook and Hotmail – which is surely an admission that these third party social media solutions are in greater demand than its own. This may yet bring a strategic advantage over Google, which only lets users customize their iGoogle home page but doesn’t provide any external links on the core home page – unless of course keywords or phrases are entered and searched for, in which case organic search results and online advertisements are shown.

Yahoo!’s apparent prior vision – that of providing an all-encompassing range of interactive content has surely now been superceded by rivals Google and Facebook, Twitter and a range of emerging sites. Yahoo seems to be repositioning itself as a portal from where “best of breed” soultions can be accessed.